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Termite Damage Repair

Like a tiny demolition team with an insatiable appetite for destruction, termites can easily eat through just about any piece of wood in your home. Depending on how early you detect the problem termite damage can range from a few bites taken from a beam to serious structural damage. Either way, the first step is to exterminate. There’s no sense in repairing termite damaged wood to only have the termites chew through it again.

Once you’re sure the termites are gone, FPC Pest Control can begin to repair the damage. At FPC Pest Control, we are a group of premier exterminators that specialize in termite damage and wood restoration. We’ll make a thorough inspection of termite damage to wood in your home and take detailed photos. Once that’s done we’ll give you an estimate on repair and begin restoring the wood.

Our team of contractors can generally fully restore termite damaged wood. In some cases where termite damage is more extensive FPC Pest Control can replace the damaged beams and boards, restoring your home back to order.

FPC Pest Control is fully licensed and insured and prepared to handle most jobs-from filling minor to termite holes, to major wood restoration-FPC Pest Control handles it all.

Is termite damage eating up your home? Don’t wait, call FPC Pest Control today. We’ll restore wood and repair the damage!