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About FPC Pest Control

More than just sharing your food and home, rodents, termites and other pests can actually spread disease and cause serious structural damage to your home. Every pest you run into could have hundreds, if not thousands, of friends hiding in the walls, so if you spot any, it is crucial that you contact an extermination professional to prevent further damage. Fortunately, a pest problem is entirely controllable under professional care.

At FPC Pest Control, we have been selling peace from pests and peace of mind for over 35 years. Since our humble beginnings, our commitment has been to not only provide best-in-class extermination services, but also prevent any pests from returning. 35 years later, with customer referrals and business at an all-time high, we are proud to credit this pledge with our success.

When you choose FPC Pest Control for your pest control needs, you can rest assured that we will complete the extermination on time, at the price quoted, and using only environmentally safe products.

Choosing a fly-by-night pest control company can lead to a prolonged, costly project. At FPC Pest Control, our experience and relationships with manufacturers allow us to offer all parts and services at unbeatable prices. We purchase all of our products and equipment directly from the manufacturer to avoid middlemen and pass the savings on to you.

We are dedicated to providing timely, safe and competitively-priced service on every job, big or small, but most of all, we are dedicated to getting results and breaking the pest cycle once and for all. So whether you have a pest problem or want to make sure you don't get one, we can help.

For more information or to receive a free estimate, give us a call today, and find out for yourself what our satisfied, pest-free customers already know.

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